How To Choose The Best Kitchen Faucet For Your Home

Kitchen faucets do more than just keep water flowing for all the purposes needed in the course of cooking, cleaning and entertaining in the kitchen, often the busiest and most important room of the house. Kitchen faucets can also serve as accent pieces.

Your personal style as well as your personal needs can be met when you choose the best kitchen faucet for your home. Here are some tips for choosing the best brand, design, and style for your home.

Kitchen Faucet Brands

Many brands are well known as makers of long-lasting, quality kitchen faucets. Start shopping for your new kitchen faucet by looking at the various lines offered by companies such as Price Pfister, Moen, Delta or American Standard.

While you may purchase a faucet made by a different company, looking first to the lines and makes of faucets offered by the most well known companies is a good way to see what styles are trending and what new options for faucets are in the offing.

Types Of Faucets

When you start looking at styles of faucets that appeal to your tastes and that you feel will work well with your kitchen�s d�cor, also consider the way in which you will use your faucet from day to day. Home cooks and those individuals with a green thumb may want to be sure to buy a faucet with a built in pull-out hose that allows ease of spraying to clean large, dirty pots and pans or to water plants.

Next, consider whether you want a single-handle faucet or a double-handle faucet. The single handle faucet allows you to control the temperature of the water by moving the handle to the left or the right until you get the water just right.

These are easy to use, and offer a great option for any sink or kitchen with somewhat limited space. Double-handle faucets are traditional configurations that allow you to choose to turn on hot or cold water separately to get the temperature you need.

Getting Your Perfect Faucet Installed

There are wall mount faucets, which are installed behind the sink on the backsplash. Not every kitchen is outfitted with a sink that accommodates wall mounted faucets, so be aware of the type of sink you have before making your final decision and purchase.

Consult with a professional plumber or your local home improvement store expert if you have concerns about what type of faucet size, style and configuration will work for you. Follow these tips and you will get the best quality faucet in the perfect style to complement your home.